Product and Feature Updates about Kinja
Product and Feature Updates about Kinja

Accessibility Updates

We’re rolling out the first of our set of updates to enhance the accessibility of Kinja sites. Today’s update consists of three parts:

Enhanced color contrast

We have updated brand colors on all Kinja sites to increase the contrast between text and background. All of our sites’ text and background colors now comply with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. We hope this will make reading Kinja sites easier for our readers with reduced visual acuity, without using any third-party contrast-enhancing techniques.


From now on, links in article body and story card excerpts will be underlined everywhere. Previously there were instances where a link was only shown with a different text color, which might be harder for readers with color vision deficiencies to recognize.

Aria-labels for icons

There are some functions on Kinja that do not have any text labels, like bookmarking. People who use screen readers might find these functions inscrutable, since a screen reader can’t easily make sense of an image. Aria-labels tell the screen readers what an icon is, making it possible for our readers who use screen readers to access these functions.


ALT tags for logos and images

ALT tags are a piece of additional information for images that describes the image’s content using text. We have added ALT tags to our sites’ logos. We also implemented a feature that tries to automatically fill out ALT tags for images on our homepages and article pages.

  • In case an image has a caption, we fill out the ALT tag with that caption.
  • In the case where neither of these is available, we fill out the ALT tags with “Illustration for article titled {article title}.”

We plan to keep making Kinja even more accessible in the future with a continuing series of updates. If you have any ideas how we could make using Kinja easier for you, let us know in the comments!

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