Product and Feature Updates about Kinja
Product and Feature Updates about Kinja

Partners Feed and FBIA Header Image Changes

Currently for FBIA, we pull out the first asset from the postbody & insert it at the top of the article, then render the rest of the article (without the first asset).

This is an issue b/c:

  1. the reader experience around assets in the post is degraded, as the image is pulled out of context
  2. any attributions on the first asset are lost, as attribution rendering logic is at the controller level (not model level)
  3. even if the article is a featured post (and has featured media), it ignores this and just renders the first asset instead

in this pr:

  • use featured asset as header image in RSS/FBIArender attributions below featured asset
  • if not a featured post, still render the image being used as fiaHeaderImage in its place in the article to maintain attributions & proper reader experience☝️ this is bad, esp if the first asset is an image, as it will just show two, so need to revisit ☝️


Director Of Editorial Product. #DiscoTeam4Lyfe

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