Google is crawling old reframe urls and expecting them to have AMP templates, which they do not. So they 404.

“Googlebot identified a significant increase in the number of invalid AMP pages. This may indicate a change in your AMP implementation. It will result in Google Search not showing these as AMP pages or within AMP-related features. The following report provides examples of pages with errors.”

What is a Reframe? A dead feature.

The idea of reframes was that it’s like a super-powered comment, that shows up on your own personal blog.

Reframes were the reason why we have a full editor loaded when sharing a post:

  • you share a post and add no headline or post text to it -> it’s a simple share
  • you share a post, add some text to it -> it’s a reframe

if you look at the url, it has two post ids in the urls


The first half is the “original” post

A reframe is almost like a tumblr reblog, you can create a new post, add your own headline and post body, and the original post will show up at the bottom



We should not be assigning the <link rel=”amphtml” to any non-starter post. Canonical URL is already set.