1. Click to open the Image Attribution Modal

2. Write caption (optional, brief description of the image etc.)

3. Select type of image:

  • Type: The category of the image.
  • Graphic: Used for any work from the Art Department that uses outside assets; i.e., is not fully illustrated
  • Illustration: Used for any work by The Art Department or another illustrator that is fully self-generated.
  • Image: Catch-all for anything not described elsewhere. Should be used rarely.
  • Photo: Photograph taken by a person and not manipulated
  • Screenshot: Screenshots should only be used if you’re reviewing or otherwise editorializing an old TV/movie/game. You must take the screenshot yourself. Do not get one off Google Images. Exceptions must go through your EIC before publishing. In most cases, if you’re indicating a screenshot, just the name of the show or movie is fine. e.g., “Screenshot: Full Frontal With Samantha Bee,” not “Screenshot: Full Frontal With Samantha Bee(YouTube).”


4. Add Credit/Source(s):

  • Credit: Name of the person who took the photograph or crafted the illustration
  • Source: Name of the image licensor or copyright owner or studio.

5. Syndication button:

When to toggle ON:

  • Image is from AP or Getty, whether its been manipulated or not.Image created by our Art Department.Image falls under fair useImage is transformativeCommissioned Imagery


When to leave toggle OFF:

  • Image has been insignificantly transformed and there is identified risk. (Excluding AP/Getty as above)Stock Photo that has not been manipulated If you have any doubts at all, consult with Alex Dickinson/Jim Cooke/Jimmy Hasse or contact legal if you’re not sure.

6. Edit Post-Save


7. Slideshows: