Product and Feature Updates about Kinja

We’re excited to announce a new site and content management section for all Kinja sites, available now!

The new management section should make it much easier to find and manage content, offers comment and page view counts at a glance, and allows for one-click editing and embiggening. The single-page design is easier on the eyes and will make navigation between published, scheduled, and draft content a breeze.


The previous iteration of this page allowed search only in drafts, but the new design allows you to search through any status filter. Coupled with Kinja’s search operators, you’ll be able to find anything at any time.

A minor change to note, a new “Your Posts” option is available in the site selector. This page compiles every post in you’ve drafted or published, regardless of which site it’s saved to. A great way to stay on top of your personal archive.

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