We’re rolling out a change to our mobile headers.

From now on, if a Kinja blog has a section navigation, its items will be displayed on small screens below the logo header instead of being hidden inside the hamburger menu. This new “section strip” can be scrolled horizontally if needed.

The headers are changing on our tag pages, vertical pages and video pages as well:


As you can see, we moved the main blog’s avatar into the main header. On pages that are in the section strip, the page’s name is now highlighted.

We adjusted the size of our logos as well, and made the tap targets in the header as big as possible.

Our goals with this change were to

  • Make navigation between main blogs and their verticals easier, and thus save time for our readers.
  • Help our readers retain a sense of the information architecture of our sites, so that they always know which main blog they are on.


Our A/B tests have shown that this change has slightly increased the traffic on some of our verticals, and even increased the time spent on our site globally, without any drawbacks.