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Movable Ad Slots Added To Featured Post

It is now possible to relocate an ad slot and save that position in the featured post template. This movable ad tool provides the option to move ads that conflict with layout expectations (ie when floated elements expect text to flow around them but an ad is inserted breaking this flow):

Using the tool is quite simple. The movable ad tool is located in the post options dropdown of the featured post (the three dots next to author/post info). The tool is activated in the permalink view NOT the editor view:


Moving an ad slot is as simple as clicking on the up or down arrow provided on each slot. This will move the ad up or down one node depending on the element above or below. There is no limit to the amount of nodes you can move an ad but keep in mind that moving an ad does not move the other ads. So it is best to only move an ad the minimum amount of nodes needed to achieve your desired layout.

Use the up and down arrows to move the ad slot

After you have completed moving the ads there are three options available in the fixed toolbar of the post view:


1.) Cancel - This option closes the fixed tool bar and returns the ads to their default non-movable state.

2.) Reset - This option is essentially a do-over after you have moved any ads. If you find that you are not satisfied with the ad placements at any given time, this option will reset the ad slots to their original positions (every 7 nodes at the time of this publishing).


3.) Save - Once you have completed moving the ads you will need to save their position by selecting this option. This will save the position of the ad units and then refresh the page (similar to saving a post). It might take a few minutes to see these changes so hang tight! You can still go back and make changes to the ad positions but you will always need to save them after relocation.

Important Notes:

  • If at any time you make changes to a post after publishing (adding or subtracting content, or making copy edits) we return any moved ads to their default position automatically. It is very difficult to predict how the ads should be placed after any new changes have been made to the post. So you will need to relocate any ads that you previously moved.

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