Where can I find these tools?

What do they do?

Share Headline:

This field will change the OG Title of the post. This means that when the post is spliced or used across Kinja sites, the title of the post will remain the original Headline. When the post is shared anywhere else (ie. Twitter/Facebook or anywhere the url is copy/pasted), the title will be the added Share Headline.

Facebook: Share Title; Kinja: Original Headline

Hide post from RSS:

This toggle is always defaulted to off but if turned on, the current post will not be sent to the site’s RSS feed upon publish.


  • The post will not be added to the /rss feed
  • The post will still be added to all other feeds (ie. /rss/p4rtn3rs or /rss/instant)
Post does not appear in /rss but does appear in /rss/p4rtn3rs