We have just released the ability to save and continue writing, and recover previously saved versions of a post.

“Save” and “Save & View Draft”

What better way to avoid losing work than to save more frequently? We’ve divided the “Save to Drafts” button into two distinct options:

  • Save: Save your work and keep working. This option will keep you in the editor after saving.
  • Save & View Draft: Similar to the old Save to Drafts option, this saves your work and takes you to the permalink to preview your post.


Both of these options will save your post as a draft, so be careful not to use the Save option once the post has been published. Save early and save often!



You’ll probably (hopefully) be saving more often with the new Save option. What happens if you accidentally saved an unintentional edit? The Versions button at the lower left corner of the editor brings up a list of all previously saved versions of the open draft.


You’ll see what time that version was saved, and who saved it. Recovering a version will load in a snapshot of the post at that time, and includes headlines, tags, story types, and everything you can find in the editor: embeds, formatting, multiple authors, review box, and anything else you find in the editor.


Versioning notes:

  • Versions can contain a lot of data, so it may take 30-60 seconds for the modal to return a list of previously saved versions both when initially opening, and when paginating.
  • If a post hasn’t been updated in 10 days, all previous versions will be erased in order to minimize used storage space.
  • Versions do not exist for posts saved before the release of this tool.
  • Distribution tools changes and recommended stories are not saved in versions.