Product and Feature Updates about Kinja
Product and Feature Updates about Kinja

Reducing the number of h1 elements to at most 1

Header tags indicate the title of a unit on a website. This unit can be as large as an entire article or as small as a recirculation item in the sidebar. To indicate the importance of the unit on the site, we have 6 levels of header tags with witch we can operate.

Previously on kinja sites we overused the largest header tag (h1) which only supposed to indicate the title of the entire page or the largest section. This has now been fixed. Only the headline is an h1 tag on a story page.


The fix changes stream items from h1 to h2 on all stream pages. We’re working on further improving the hierarchy by taking the title of the stream into consideration. For example on a category page, the category name will be the h1

Breaking the kinja platform since 2013 Click Here strong tag is supported as well

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