Product and Feature Updates about Kinja

If an anchor link is added to the full bleed widget, the FBW is now a “shareable” section with dynamic social meta created from the image of the FBW and the first paragraph following the image.

By way of example, the default social sharing attributes of a post are determined by the post’s:

  • main image
  • title
  • first paragraph of copy

So if a user were to share this featured post on Facebook, the following preview would be generated:

Example of a social share of a featured post

If a user were to share an anchor created by the FBW within this featured post example, the preview would update with dynamically generated social meta.

Example of a social share using an anchored full bleed widget in a featured post

Notice how the url has updated after a user scrolls to that content. The fixed social buttons at the bottom of the screen also update to share the content of the url:

We take the image of the FBW and the first paragraph following the FBW anchor and update the social meta with those values. So an entry shared within a featured post using an FBW anchor would generate the above social preview on Facebook.


This extends our social promotion options for a featured post using FBWs by creating more ways to share individual sections of content within a larger post.

Senior Product Manager

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