Product and Feature Updates about Kinja
Product and Feature Updates about Kinja

We are now serving Teads in place of our JW outstream player as part of our Phase One rollout. By way of review:

  • Teads will appear on the following sites: Deadspin, Jalopnik, Jezebel, Kotaku, Splinter, The Root, The Takeout, and The Inventory.
  • We leave in-article video as is. Meaning Gizmodo, Lifehacker, The Onion, The A.V. Club, and ClickHole would not serve the Teads player unless a starter post’s Adzone was set to Partners

Teads is going to send us as close to 100% demand as they can muster. However it breaks down roughly as 50% desktop, 40% mobile. So you may not always see this unit depending on your device / browser. They also expect to ramp up to those numbers so we will be monitoring fill over the next couple weeks and then running a round of tests to see how it is performing.

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Senior Product Manager

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