Product and Feature Updates about Kinja

Adds quality of life improvements to the editor around adding and implementing anchor links to featured posts.

  • adds functionality to the anchor input field for the full-bleed-widget that forces anchor tag input to not uses spaces. validates that the input is unique to the page and provide a warning if it is not.
  • when anchor values exist, generates a drop down within the “Insert Link” modal which is populated with the available values.
  • add functionality to the “Insert Link” modal that doesn’t allow an empty link value to be added and only allows a value in the url input field or an item to be selected from the anchor link drop down. When one is added/selected the other is cleared

Anchor Tag Validation

  • Update the anchor tag of a full-bleed-widget
  • Try to update a different full-bleed-widget to use the same value and the following behavior should occur:

Add Link Modal Improvement

  • Add a link to the page using the “Link/Unlink” button in the toolbar
  • anchors should be available in a drop down:

Senior Product Manager

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