Product and Feature Updates about Kinja
Product and Feature Updates about Kinja

Updates to Profile Pages

As part of rewriting Kinja’s code in React, the Frontend Infrastructure team is introducing a small usability update to Profile pages.

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  • The navigation options that were on the left (Followers, Following, Posts, Discussions and Saved Articles) are restructured into a single tab bar above the content on the right. We think this will make this page both more understandable and more consistent between mobile and desktop.
  • The Posts stream uses our new story card layout, just like the homepages and other stream pages.
  • We fit this page to the new grid layout system that we’re in the process of implementing. For now, this just means that the profile itself is a bit wider than before. Later, this will make all of our layouts neater and more organized.

Senior Product Designer at Kinja Budapest. Loves cats and space. Designed these author bios, coincidentally.

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