Product and Feature Updates about Kinja
Product and Feature Updates about Kinja

Video Upload in Kinja

You can now upload video content right from the Kinja editor!

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Link to Guide: How-To and Rules

We’ve replaced the video search magnifying glass in the editor tools with a more expanded Insert Video option. Video upload was added to reduce the steps and systems needed to get both our O&O content and post supporting clips published on the blogs.


MCP IS STILL A THING. In order for us to operate, we require a video CMS to store all of our video files and their metadata. This tool simply makes it easier to get content into MCP, or any other future video CMS, and in some cases will not require a user to even log into a separate system.

Upcoming updates:

  • Upload custom thumbnails
  • Retroactively edit metadata from post

Senior Product Manager, Kinja

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